June 2019


Recent findings from the CIREG project on renewable power potential in West Africa will be presented at the International Climate and Energy Meteorology conference (ICEM2019) in Copenhagen, Denmark by Sebastian Sterl of the Free University of Brussels (VUB). He will present on Wednesday June 26 in the afternoon session on Grid Integration.

This presentation will focus on the potential of the West African Power Pool in aiding the grid integration of intermittent solar PV and wind power, by exploiting the flexibility potential offered by hydropower and the spatiotemporal synergies between solar and wind power.

Later on the day, Sebastian will talk about public speaking in a workshop on presentation skills organized by the World Energy Meteorology Council.

Follow the ICEM’s Africa Pathway for more presentations on energy & climate on the world’s most diverse continent.

The figure shows an example simulation covering three days in June, showing the potential operation of flexible hydropower from Ghana’s Bui hydropower plant to help integrate solar and wind power into a load-following power mix.