Off-grid PV demonstrator

A first rural demonstrator case study site to install a Mini Solar Off-Grid PV was selected. A 5kVA solar park in Sékoukou (Niger) and an automatic weather station for the purpose of recording weather information during demonstrations for the CIREG project will be installed. The off-grid PV system, in which solar panels provide the electricity, will be used to run the engine which pumps water from an 85m-depth borehole. Electricity will also be used for the recharging of electronic devices (i.e. cellphone, rechargeable lamp, etc.) and the selling of iced and cold water during hot seasons. Using the achieved experience, the CIREG project will develop an appropriate business model for the Off-grid mini PV park during and after the household's electrification project.



Dimensions Module 1956 x 992 x 50 mm
Dimensions Glass 1950 x 986 mm
Weight 23,5 kg
Rated power Pmpp 300 W
Tension à puissance max. Vmpp 36 V
Power current at max. power ImppCourant à puissance max. Impp 8,06 A
Open circuit voltage Voc 45,5 V
Short circuit voltage IscCourant de court-circuit Isc 8,56 A