April 2019


The CIREG project’s latest results on renewable electricity potential will be presented at the European Geophysical Union 2019 in Vienna, Austria (April 8-12), by Sebastian Sterl of the Free University of Brussels (VUB). He will present on Monday April 8 in the session HS5.4.2 “Hydropower and other renewable energy sources: Integration and Planning amid the Water-Energy Nexus”.

This presentation will constitute the first demonstration of the newly developed REVUB tool (“Renewable Electricity Variability, Upscaling and Balancing”), designed by the CIREG team for assessing the potential interplay of flexible hydropower, solar PV, and wind power in current and future electricity mixes.

CIREG’s latest results indicate that a substantial hybrid potential for hydro-solar(-wind) power generation is present in several West African countries. This suggests that a streamlining of hydro, solar, and wind power expansion strategies could be an important policy focus for the coming years.

Follow these links for more details on the session and the presentation.

Map of continental West Africa showing the locations of hydropower, solar PV, and wind power parks (spanning existing projects as well as those planned on a 2030 horizon) whose power generation was modeled for the REVUB study to be presented at EGU2019. Blue lines indicate the major river stretches in West Africa (based on discharge data on the ECOWREX data portal).